Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Joy of Trading

By now, we've established a surfeit of traits and mindsets that can damage your trading account. Let's shelve the negatives for a moment and focus on a few of the joyous aspects of trading:


There are so many parts of our lives over which we exercise little to no control. At work, we are told what to do and when. At home, there are bills and taxes that have to be paid. Friends and family can become frail and ill and we're powerless to change it.

But when you turn on your computer to do your research and enter your trades, you know that success or failure is yours and yours alone. It is a liberating feeling if you embrace it.

Having an Outlet for Your Passion

If you're like me, you are inquisitive by nature and have a love for trying to make the unknown known. In this respect, trading can be an art. Where else can you delve into the details of technical analysis and use your wisdom to see through governmental and corporate spin to come to sound conclusions that can make you money? I enjoy the challenge and I hope you do as well.

Learning the Powers of Increments

Once you banish forever the notion of getting rich quickly, the discipline of slow and steady trading gains can manifest itself into the rest of your life. Taking one baby step each day can help you get into better shape, improve your education or find more fulfilling work.

When you put artificial deadlines on things, stress seeps in and your form suffers because the magnitude of the goal is overwhelming viewed from this lens. I could not have started this blog unless I knew to take baby steps. Trading in increments will increase your bottom-line and give you the confidence to do the same in the rest of your life as well.

Being in the Position to Help Others

If and when you get to the point of prosperity, you will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others through philanthropy, mentoring and having the free time to volunteer. There also exists the potential to retire early and spend more time with friends and family. I'm not all the way there yet and maybe you're not either, but this is my ultimate motivation and the reason I trade.

I hope you're all having a great weekend and I will post again soon.

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  1. great post, yeah i love trading but am somewhat lazy about it so I don't risk too much money. It's like you said, you can't expect to get rich quick!