Sunday, September 11, 2011

Comments Section

I've recently enabled the comments section for this blog. Please feel free to comment not just on the articles but also anything that tickles your fancy.

If you have questions or ideas for topics you'd like to see covered, I would enjoy your input. I am very new to blogging, this being my third week. I have much to learn and I'm sure you all have much to teach as well.

One caveat: since this is an educational and informational blog, I won't be able to respond to questions where a recommendation is sought. I will be posting many charts in the years to come in an abstract capacity, both historical and live, to show you how I use technical analysis to trade. You may take from them what you will, but they will never be recommendations. Technical analysis only increases our odds of finding winning trades, but here are no sure things.

Best regards and keep reading!


The Chartographer


  1. not asking for a recommendation but what are your thoughts about gold right now?

  2. Hi Max - Gold has shot up so fast, my best theory is we're in the early stages of going parabolic. Should be more upside, but chasing at this point or building a new position is perilous business. The easy money has been made. But there is always the outside chance of hyper-inflation so I'd be reticent to sell all of it either. Just one man's opinion!